September 5, 2013

Drive your development with user stories

I've recently started to work on the new project. I've received some mockups with explanations like: "We need, this, we need also that, and that and this...".

Wait what? It would not work like that. But now I know that there is a better way. User stories.

I already knew that there is Trajectory, tool for agile web development. But I've also did some research for other tools. Anyway eventually I've decided to choose Trajectory, because other apps looked too complicated. And Trajectory is focused just on user stories (and ideas).

I've informed my collaborators that we should use this tool and advised them to write some stories. And they did!

Now we have clear start point. We can easily see what is important (and what is not). We can chat about stories directly in the app, agree on possible solutions. So far so good. And I hope that first version of our page will be ready soon.


Hey there!

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