November 19, 2013

Let's write some beautiful Ruby code together!

Update! I've already started this project. Please check its GitHub page for update.

The idea

I would like to build a game platform for robots, which are Ruby classes created by players. You can create your own robot (based on the super class) and see if you can win against some default robots or some other programmers robots.

This idea is not new. There are Crobots for C, Robocode for Java and .NET, rrbotos for Ruby and probably also other platforms for other languages.

Yeah, I know. There is already platform for Ruby, so why don't just use this one?

Well. rrobots looks abandoned. It is the old code and it is hard to understand for me. It is not tested, probably hard to change (at least for me) and it looks that there is no community.

So I would like to build a new Ruby robots platform from scratch.

Goals of the project


I believe that I can learn a lot by building this from scratch. I can practice everything what I've learned (OO design, TDD, Ruby...) and hopefully get some feedback from community. I want you to help and learn too!

Build beautiful software

I would like to create community. We can build it together. We can follow modern practices. We can create fully tested code. We can create code which is easy to read a easy to modify.

We can create code which is beautiful!

We can create whatever we want to create!

Have fun

And of course that I want to build my own robot which can kick ass! And I hope that you would like to do the same!


Of course that I don't want to do this, if nobody else is interested. So please give me some feedback if you want to create Ruby arena (the platform) with me, or if you want to build some robots and have fun.

So please click on the following button and answer these three simple questions.

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Also please help me spread the word. I would like to receive as much feedback as possible. If it is possible than please tweet about this article, send it to you programmer friend, blog about it, whatever.

Many thanks!

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