August 30, 2013


Running rails applications on your development machine is already very easy. You just start your server with rails s and there you go. But it can be even easier.

Pow! It just works.

Check out the Pow. It is zero configuration rails (rack) server for Mac OS X.

Install it:

curl | sh

Add your app into it:

ln -s /path/to/my_app ~/.pow

And visit from your browser!

Yeah that's it. Now you do not need to start your server every time you start your work. You do not need to care about ports when you need to run more applications in the same time.

As I said it just works ;).

Pow restart

But from time to time you may need to restart your server because of some changes in your app.

It's easy too, just create this file:

touch ~/.pow/restart.txt

It is easy but I've created an alias for it anyway:

alias powr='touch ~/.pow/restart.txt'

Awesome, right?

Ok, there is one little drawback

Currently there is an issue with the file upload in Pow which can fail. You can find more information here.

But Pow is great anyway!

Hey there!

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