May 17, 2016

Removing complexity

I've started at a new job last year. It was a pretty quick change. I've quit my old job one week and started in the new one next week.

It is awesome, because I am the only programmer. I work at Memberful and I can do everything how I want to do it. And I am slowly removing all complexity. I always prefer simpler solutions to more complex ones. As I said, I am the only programmer and I can't move quickly if everything is too complex. On the other hand I can move quickly if everything is simple.

For example, today I got rid of last pieces of pjax. I've replaced it with Turbolinks. pjax is good, but Turbolinks is awesome. Turbolinks requires zero setup. It is part of Rails and it just works. pjax is also easy to setup, but it requires some effort. I've got rid of 103 lines of code thanks to this switch. We had custom spinner, custom headers for pjax and other custom code which was required by pjax. I've just removed custom stuff, replaced it with Turbolinks and everything is simpler now.

It was a simple change, but for me it was important. Because now there is 103 less lines of code which I need to maintain.

Hey there!

My name is Patrik Bóna and I am the only programmer at Memberful. This blog is kind of dead, but I just started my own Ruby on Rails screencast. Follow me on Twitter if you want to be notified about my newest videos.