September 29, 2013

Ruby on Rails resources for absolute beginners

Do you wanna start with web development, but you have no experiences with programming? Did you hear about Ruby on Rails and want to learn it but you have no idea where to start? Well, then you are on the right starting place. I will send you to correct locations ;).

Ruby on Rails Tutorial

If you are really total beginner, then feel free to start with Ruby on Rails Tutorial by Michael Hartl. This is how I started with Rails. I had a lot of experiences with PHP and so, but this was really new world for me. And I immediately felt in love with Ruby on Rails.

What is really important is that with RoR Tutorial you start not just with RoR but with complete development stack. Like RoR, HTML, CSS, TDD, deploying and much more. Don't be afraid if you have no idea what that abbreviations means. Everything is explained step by step. This is the really START HERE point and I can't recommend it enough.

So start here and don't even think about not finishing it and jumping to some other resource. Work on every exercise and make sure that you really understand how it works. Then you will have good foundation to continue.

Ruby on Rails guides

Now, after RoR tutorial you can start with official RoR guides. You can use them as great reference and come back to guides from time to time. You do not need to read each chapter. Start working on your project and learn just what you need.


Ok, this point should be higher. Right after the tutorial. It is important to choose some project and start working. You can follow tutorials for whole life. Or you can start working on real thing. I recommend the latter.

Start developing some application which will make your life easier. I've created my Notes app just for me. But it doesn't matter. I've learned a lot and I use it on daily basis because it is useful for me.

Also you can ask your friends if they need some help with web apps. You are not going to earn any money with Rails right now anyway. It is important to work on real project and learn, learn and learn!

Other resources

There is a ton of other useful Ruby on Rails resources, but I am not going to mention them here. Just focus on coding and eventually you will find them by yourself. And remember that google is your friend! Especially when you struggle with some issue which was probably solved by someone else. Just google the solution ;).

Hey there!

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